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Welcome to the Human AI Experience, a podcast exploring AI and the future of work. We demystify AI, discussing complex concepts and the intersection of humanity and technology, making it accessible to all. Join us on this journey.


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Join us in our mission

At the Human AI Experience, our goal is to demystify artificial intelligence and explore the future of work. Driven by curiosity, we strive to make complex concepts understandable for everyone.

We focus on delivering high-quality content, engaging with experts, and inspiring audiences globally. Together, we can shape the AI conversation and build a community dedicated to embracing the possibilities of tomorrow.

AI is not a beast; it’s a powerful productivity tool. We don’t need to fear it; we can tame it together. Join us on this exciting journey.



Product Design Lead with 20 years of experience in advertising, marketing, and design. I believe AI is the next technological evolution that will transform our lives and work.

matheus simon

Architect & Urban Designer with 14 years in the construction industry and project coordination. I believe AI will profoundly enhance the early stages and creative process of projects.

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business tailored ai consulting

how we can help your business

If you want to start leveraging AI capabilities in your business to increase productivity, you're in the right place. Here's how we can support you:

01. AI Business Coaching

02. ai workflow integration

03. ai tools workshop

Engaging with your audience is at the core of our mission at the Human AI Experience Podcast. We strive to foster new relationships while nurturing existing ones, all while responding to feedback.


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